Bingo Wings

Bingo Wings is exactly what it says on the tin: Bingo & Chicken Wings. But this isn’t any olde bingo – oh no! We’ve created Bristol Lingo Bingo: so, instead of numbers, we’ll be calling out words and phrases that you’ll only hear in Bristol.

We’ve got classics sayings that you’ll hear in the city center like ‘Ark at Ee’ and ‘Cheers Drive’, and words and phrases that are straight outta Southmead like “Let I Scab a Lambert’.

Then, after each game of Bristol Lingo Bingo, you’ll be treated to some seriously amazing chicken wings. (Onion ring for veggies)

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: Bingo Wings.

As always we’ll be playing some great disco and house tunes, have some great prizes for first line and full house and of course, lots of Bristol banter. Oh, and all draws will be settled the only way we know how: a thumb war.

We’re heading back to Pata Negra on 5th May for our next event and we’re really excited to be hosting this one as part of Bristol Food Connections.


Want to book bingo wings as a private or work party? Great idea! We’ll find the perfect venue with the tastiest wings and make it a night to remember. What’s more, we’ve worked with businesses, hen parties, night clubs and festivals to create custom bingo events. So, instead of Bristol Lingo Bingo, we can create ‘festival lingo bingo’, ‘media lingo bingo’ or ‘hen lingo bingo’. We could even create a game for an individual ‘Dave lingo bingo’ the possibilities are endless.

We can provide a DJ plus additional food and drink and any other requirements you may have. Give us a shout and lets discuss.