10 reasons why No.1 Harbourside is an unsung hero of Bristol’s food scene

Nestled amongst the city’s hustle and bustle, No 1 Harbourside is loved by many and considered one of the best bars in Bristol with an incredible selection of beer, cider, and wine. But, we have to admit, it has been a while since we have been down to try the food and it’s safe to say that their menu is even better than we remember. We were pleasantly surprised by their awesome vegan and vegetarian menus and the fact that they have Sustainable Restaurant Association’s highest three-star rating. We definitely came out with a newly ignited love for H#1 and can’t wait to get back. Here are ten reasons it should be on your next-to-visit list…

1. This Organic Farm Chicken

Served with preserved lemon, olive tagine, tabbouleh, cardamon Lebneh, and crispy flat bread.

2. This Vegan Bowl

3. Glorious coconut macaroons

4. Hummus down to a tee

5. Hake, pan roasted as it should

6. Pistachio pesto and Feta risotto anyone?

One of the tastiest things we’ve ever had, we’re not sure this dish is on the menu anymore! HOWEVER – let this sink in… everything on their current menu is on par to this!

7. Their infamous Buddha Bowls

8. This incredible view

9. Their magnificent sustainable wines

10. A new kind of burger game