15 of the Best Cheese Dishes in Bristol

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be all too familiar with those hungry feels when stumbling across a sexy cheese snap on Instagram. I mean… is there anything better than cheese? It’s the ultimate comfort food AND is perfect as a side, main, or dessert at any time of day. Cheese for breakfast? Damn straight! Cheese for lunch? Give it to me! Cheese for dinner? You know it. By far my favourite thing to eat, I was once asked by my brother: “If you had to pick between a counter of charcuterie and a counter of cheese, which one would you pick”… know what I said? Obviously FROMAGE! I know some of you may have read this in shock, but hey – I was raised the French and the Italian way.

Lucky for me, Bristol is bursting with restaurants that worship cheese just as much as I do! So, if you’re looking for some serious foodporn, keep reading – here are 15 of the best cheese dishes in Bristol!

Crafty Egg – Cheese Fondue

Perhaps one of my favourite venues in Stokes Croft, the Crafty Egg’s signature dish (alongside their pretty incredible Afghan Eggs) is their cheese fondue. Served in the evenings with lots of delicious nibbles to dip into, it’s the perfect dish to share with friends. Trust me, it’s as good as it looks!


Oowee – Waffle Cheese Fries

Oh, Oowee – of course, you had to be mentioned! Notoriously known for their mouthwatering burger and fries, cheese here never gets sidelined. My personal favourites: the waffle fries smothered in deliciously melted cheese alongside the Double C burger!


Urban Standard – Mac & Cheese Menu

Recently launched, the Urban Standard’s latest Mac and Cheese menu is to die for. With each dish cheesier than the other, it comes as no surprise that the Urban Standard’s new menu has been such a huge success! If you’re planning on heading down there, I highly recommend the beef and stilton mac and cheese… SO GOOD!


For Mice and Men – Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you’re ever feeling blue and in need of comfort, get yourself down to For Mice and Men! An all-time favourite of mine, you’ll love Vic and Tim and what they can do with a grilled cheese. With daily specials, homemade butter, and crispy sourdough, they’ve got their recipe to cheese paradise down to a tee! PLUS, you can build your own.


Bertha’s – Mozzarella Base, Red Onion, Cherry Tomatoes, Flat Peach & Goats Curd with Nigella Seeds


Wild and Rustic – Double Cheese Bacon Burger

A new addition to their menu, I was literally salivating when I saw this the day after my birthday. Safe to say I went down to taste it and by GOLLY it was good! I mean, just look at that cheese.


Hobgoblin – Dirty Cheesy Fries

Dirty fries are my weak spot… especially ones that take the ‘dirty’ quite seriously. Enters Hobgoblin, a Bristol favourite with a notorious reputation for serving the largest, cheesiest, most loaded fries in the city! If you find yourself up Gloucester Road, you should definitely check them out.


The Apple – Ploughman’s Board

If you know anyone who bangs on about Ploughmans being the way forward, take them to the Apple. They’ll love you forever for it. Serving up the meanest Ploughmans cheese boards in town, I highly recommend going down there for a weekend lunch and a tasty pint of cider.


The Athenian – Halloumi Souvlaki

Two words: Halloumi Souvlaki. Just imagine it… freshly grilled halloumi coated in a fresh yoghurt sauce and wrapped in a chewy salty pitta filled with delicious goodness!


Pinkmans – Brie and Grape Flute

I love Pinkmans. I could live at Pinkmans. Their selection of sandwiches and pastries are just… INCREDIBLE! With so many of their dishes showcasing cheese, it’s always a tough decision for me. However, this time, I’d have to go with the Brie and Grape flute. It’s cheesy, it’s fresh, and it’s got the most banging crispy bread!


Bristol Cheesemonger – All the Cheeses

If cheese is what you live for, then the Bristol Cheesemonger should be your next stop! Having recently set camp in Cargo 2, their little store sells a range of independent cheeses that are SO good, you’ll want to buy them all. If you’re planning on hosting a cheese and wine evening, you know where to go.


Katie and Kim’s Kitchen – Buttery Cheese Scone

Now trust me, this may just look like your plain ol’ scone but it’s SO much more than that! The first time I ordered it, I went for seconds… it was that good. Tangy, cheesy, and smothered in butter… you wanna make sure you add this to your bucket list.


Taste of Krakow Zapiekanki – Zapiekanki

When I first heard that Zapiekanki had closed down in Stokes Croft, I couldn’t really understand why… I mean, LOOK at that photo! Luckily for me, they’ve opened a shop in Fishponds! Why I love it? Well, I’ll leave the photo do the talking.


The Boardroom – Massive Cheese Board & Baked Camembert

Camembert fans, REJOICE! By far one of the nicest cheese boards I’ve ever had, these guys know how to do a baked camembert. You’ve been warned!


Roulsties – Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Feeling like you need to get your cheese on? Why not have a snoop at our Sunset Wine & Cheese Cruises?