Launch Night at the Giggling Squid

I love Thai food. I also have an obsession with dumplings and would cover everything I eat in five spice if it was even mildly acceptable. So being invited to the launch of a new Thai restaurant, Giggling Squid, was a dream come true. They had generously given us a table of 8, which meant we could have our first ‘team foozie’ night out. N’aaw!

After circling Clifton Village for a parking space for more than 20 minutes, we decided to skip dinner, find George Ferguson and have stern word with him – Oh, hold on, no we didn’t. We got to a busy restaurant filled with lots of smiling faces. You wouldn’t instantly know that Giggling Squid was a Thai or Asian restaurant from outside or inside. But it looks great. A waiter showed us to our table, gave us the menus and held a bottle of red and a bottle of white out for us to choose from – “red please, mate!”

The menu for the launch night was much smaller than their full offering will be; with 4 starters and 5 mains to choose from. I went for dumplings to start and the chicken massaman curry with rice as a main. The 4 pork dumplings were served in 2 big Chinese soup spoons and were in an utterly delicious soy sauce dressing.

The pork dumplings were as good as I’ve had anywhere, but the sauce was so good that a few of us saved what we had left to have with some rice when our main arrived.  The homemade massaman curry had a thinner sauce than I’m used to, but with a lot of taste. I like my curry hot, which I know massaman isn’t famous for, but I’d have liked a little more umpf. Even some chilli on the table would have been enough. But that’s personal preference, not a complaint.

Throughout the meal the wine and beer was never ending. You didn’t have to ask. A waiter or waitress would be topping you up before your glass was near half full. I wasn’t driving so it was fine by me!

Giggling Squid have a full Thai cast, a really lovely décor and all-in-all a nice relaxed dining experience. I had a look at their full menu on the website, and it’s refreshing to see some new Thai dishes that I’ve not seen before. Hopefully all their own creations.

The fact that the evening was complimentary hasn’t swayed my views in any way. I even check the full menu before I left to see what I would have next time: Ginger Soy Scallops – I’m coming for you!