This Bristol Restaurant Made An Oowee Diner Burger Pizza Happen!

Bristol’s love affair with pizza knows no bounds. We all  love a nice slice. Or 10.


Bertha’s is well known within the city’s pizza loving community as being one of the best. Head honcho Graham started his pizza love affair from his back garden, where he used to experiment with baking. After all, in his words, ‘really good pizza is just really good bread with quality ingredients on top.’ After some words of encouragement from friends, he decided to try the pizza thing full time.

Graham’s practice has paid off; not only was Bertha’s listed in The Guardian as one of the best places to eat pizza outside of London, the restaurant also made it into Daniel Young’s bible of ‘Where to Eat Pizza’ – which is pretty incredible. Especially when they are included amongst Italian pizza restaurants whom Graham admits they always admired.

Bertha’s ‘Giro Night’ is a special one off event that takes place every few months. The premise is simple; your group sits together whilst Graham and the team churn out the pizzas. Then, the crowd that makes the most noise for it once they are ready, gets the pizza. It’s a night of cheering and chowing down, which sounds fun enough in itself, but the pizzas that the team deliver are something else. We got a sneak preview of some of the specials from the Giro event just gone, which blew our pizza loving minds.

Taking inspiration from other Bristol restaurants, there were pizzas inspired by dishes at Oowee, The Ethicurean and Bell’s Diner.

We were itching to get our hands on the famous ‘Oowee Pizza’, which is topped with meat patties, white onions, cheese, gherkins and mustard.

It’s safe to say, we were blown away.

If you had closed your eyes whilst eating, the pizza tasted exactly like a burger, but obviously in a different shape. Gherkins on a pizza is just dreamy but with the slight kick coming from the mustard and all that amazing gooey cheese, we were in burger pizza heaven. It was delicious.

We were also lucky enough to be able to sample the Welsh Rarebit pizza which was inspired by The Ethicurean, and we couldn’t believe how gloriously rich and indulgent it was. It was saved from being too overpowering by the smattering of seasoned lettuce on top, which added a sweetness and crunchy texture.

For Graham, the possibilities when it comes to creating pizzas really are endless. If the produce is available and is of quality, then the team are happy to experiment. There was a certain mashed potato and gravy pizza which split opinion on giro night, but was nonetheless intriguing!

We love that there is this community spirit amongst our restaurants in the city,  it really reasonates with the food scene here and is a great way for venues to experiment and spread the love about each other. Not to mention the delicious creations that are coming out of it!

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