The 5 Best Street Food Traders In Bristol

Whilst these top 5 lists are not in any particular order, these street food traders are some firm favourites of Foozie and we think them deserving of a shout out! If you are looking for inspiration for your next Bristol market meal then have a scroll…


For Mice and Men


If you haven’t heard of For Mice and Men then we feel it’s our duty to tell you that they only serve up possibly the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches in Bristol. On thick sliced sourdough bread, you can watch these guys grill your sandwich in front of your eyes – choose from a selection of different cheeses (or even have them all if you like) and smother with toppings such as bacon, tomatoes or even sometimes potatoes (yes these guys are geniuses). We challenge you to find us a better grilled cheese sarnie in the city.

Alp Mac


In keeping with good cheese, Alp Mac have got to be one of our favourite street food trader. Firstly, who doesn’t like Mac ‘n’ Cheese? It’s gorgeously gooey, creamy and filling and secondly, Alp Mac have designed a whole menu teaming this glorious dish with lots of flavoursome toppings and sauces, to really give your cheese the ‘pimp’ treatment. We particularly enjoy it with locally produced charcuterie and Gingerbreads Preserves chipotle ketchup.

Murray Mays


Fresh, healthy and delicious shish kebabs are the order of the day at Murray Mays. This kitsch little camper van was hailed as possibly the ‘best kebab in Bristol’ from a certain Mr Mark Taylor and that accolade is a seriously good one. Using fresh, local poultry and meat, alongside vegetarian and vegan options, these kebabs are lip smackingly delicious and knock those late night bad boys out of the water.


The Pickled Brisket


We know that The Pickled Brisket now have their permanent home down in Cargo at Wapping Wharf, but, they started out as a street food trader and still do come out to play at the markets, so we thought it was only right they were in our top 5. If you are hungry of a lunchtime, these huge salt beef baps with differing sauces and toppings mean you’ll never go hungry again. Add some slightly torched cheese on top and some mustard and you’re good to go.


Ah Ma’s


We’re really proud of Ah-Ma’s dumplings after seeing them get a mention in not only Olive Magazine but only the flippin’ Metro as well! This popular trader serves homemade dim sum, broths and baos – with the slow roasted belly pork being one of our favourites. Their beef, oyster sauce and spinach dumplings are pretty serious too.