New Residents at Small Bar: The Plumed Serpent

Helloooo tacos! If you’re ever looking for me and I’m not in the vicinity of a burger, you’ll probably find me hovering over an abundantly OTT selection of tacos. I’m not sure why I’ve always had a weak spot for them… maybe because I’ve always appreciated a dinner tapas-style! I mean, what’s there not to like. You get to taste a bit of everything and if you don’t like one, it’s OK, just pass it over to your mates and hog the rest.

SO, yeah — the Plumed Serpent is no stranger to me. Having had the most amazing tacos back in 2016 when they took over Mathilda’s Chilli Bar, I’ve dreamt of their return ever since.

Having hosted some incredible pop-ups throughout the year, I was really hoping for them to find somewhere a bit more permanent where I could nip in whenever a taco craving kicked in.

Well, my prayers have been answered because they’ve recently taken up residency at Small Bar on King Street! Safe to say I was there in a heartbeat and let me tell you… it was that BANGING I ended up making a list of reasons why you should get yo ass there pronto.

1. Their tacos are LOADED

No, but seriously. You know how some restaurants can be a lil’ bit stingy with their fillings? Nuhu, not at the Plumed Serpent! I was actually pretty shocked at the size of the fish tacos! I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself.

2. Speaking of MASSIVE fish tacos

They were incredible! I couldn’t get over how big the chunks of fish were. Deep fried with a golden crispy batter, I can guarantee that any fish lover will come crawling back for these.

3. Their tortillas

Overlooked by many restaurants, I’ve definitely had my fair share of stale, cold tortillas when out for dinner. Not at the Plumed Serpent! Soft, warm and just the right size, they got it just right.

4. Their stout braised beef

OH MY GOD – I literally can’t even. SO juicy and absolutely delicious, this dish is proof that nothing beats a good piece of braised beef. Smothered in melted cheddar, they’ll make your knees go weak.

5. Actually, all of their meat is pretty incredible!

You can taste the TLC these guys put into their tacos. A classic Mexican filling, even their pork carnitas have been raised to a new level. Made with chicharron (pork belly and pork rinds), this dish ain’t just your standard braised pork, it’s a whole new tastebud minefield.

6. These golden, crispy corn fritters

What a revelation these were! Crispy and packed full of flavour, these lil guys are with feta and epazote. Served with chipotle mayo, the whole dish worked wonderfully together. I’ll definitely be ordering these again.

7. This AWESOME menu

So MUCH to choose from! Everything sounds so delicious, right?

8. Small Bar

Serving incredible craft beers, it’s the perfect setting to enjoy a selection of delicious tacos. With 31 taps to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

So there you have it – the Plumed Serpent is BOSS and if that weren’t enough, they’re hosting an awesome supper club to celebrate their new residency at Small Bar.