The Cuban Thistle Crisis @ The Milk Thistle

For one night only worlds will collide, as the trademark sophistication of The Milk Thistle is stirred down, served up and twisted with some classic Cuban heritage.

Hosted as part of Bristol Food Connections in partnership with Havana Club Rum, The Cuban Thistle Crisis will be a very special one off event, which will allow you to immerse yourself in a world of eclectic theatre and exceptional drinks, all served in the dwindling light of the Cuban sun.

Tickets will include three expertly crafted Havana Rum cocktails, nibbles and a front row seat to enjoy some immersive Cuban themed theatre, performed in the decadent surroundings of The Lounge at The Milk Thistle. This one off event is sure to be in high demand, so make sure you get your tickets today and join us for a truly unique evening of entertainment and cocktails.

The Cuban Thistle Crisis

A young man with a troubled conscience prowls the streets of Cuba. Disaffected by the culture, his only option appears now to leave a string of scathing Trip Advisor reviews about an entire country. Once again the shamanic skills of Papa J. Paradise will be put to the test…

Can the spirit of Cuba reignite the passion and legacy in a young man’s heart? Can you drink a Daiquiri whilst wearing a muzzle made from coconuts?  Will the actors stay sober long enough to make it through the evening?

The answers to probably all of these questions and more will all be revealed on Thursday 5th May!

Join us for ‘The Cuban Thistle Crisis’, an epic tale of drink, legacy and self discovery set against the backdrop of sunny, fictional Cuba.

Hasta luego and Salud!

There are two sessions for this event:

First: 7-8.30pm
Second: 8.30-10pm