10 reasons why you’ve got to get yourself down to the Athenian

It needs to be said that Greek Street food is more often than not misrepresented in the UK! Authentic Greek food is incomparable to what us Brits are familiar with and by this I mean the foodie staple of British Drinking Culture: the trusted greasy doner kebab that holds our hand as we close off our walks of drunken shame. Greasy fatty meats? Oil dripping down your hands? If that’s what you’re after then the Athenian just isn’t for you!

At long last a Greek establishment that truly reflects its country’s foodie heritage! With a shop that could be plucked out of the hip Athenian district, Kolonaki, the food reflects the high-end produce that one may find back in Greece.

Big fans of Greek Street food, we decided to investigate and find out for ourselves if the Athenian lives up to its reputation! Safe to say that we left hungry for more with 10 reasons why you should too… (and for us to DEFINITELY go back) !


1. They’ve got authentic down to a tee! With Greek food served up as it would on a Greek Island, who needs a vacation?

2. This Chicken Souvlaki – You’d be surprised at how fresh these taste considering how packed they are!

3. Dips… Good lord are they good and they’re all homemade!

4. And why wouldn’t you wanna grab a bite to eat at one of the foodiest locations in Bristol?

5. This Cretan Dish! Dakos: fresh, flavoursome, and the perfect go-to for a light lunch

6. THIS SALAD – I could spend the whole day ranting about how delicious this was. The quality of the olive oil was just… TRUST US – never underestimate the power of a salad doused in Greek olive oil!

7. Halloumi Halloumi Halloumi – homemade and everything you could wish for…

8. The meat — It’s fresh and grilled on the spot… convinced yet?

9. Their Pita — chewy, salty, and utterly moreish.

10. And if that wasn’t enough, check out these delicious products imported all the way from Greece! YUM