1. Time to eat

We’re going to give you different options for lunch. One of them is going to Park Street. This is the most typical Street in the city. It is a street with steep slopes, full of cafes, shops, bookstores, restaurants, and pubs. You’ll find something safe.

  • A restaurant we recommend is the Taka Taka (1-3-Queens Row / Triangle), 1 minute from the Bristol Museum. This small place offers the most typical and delicious Greek dishes.
  • With a wide variety and top quality products, it also sells Turkish delicacies, cheese, and something else delicious from the eastern Mediterranean countries.
  • If you’re more of a pizza place, you can try Pizza Express (31 Berkeley Square), 2 minutes from the museum. Being one more Italian food chain, this takes one of the best positions on the lists. In addition to unique pizzas and tasty dishes and combinations, it offers very competitive offers.
  • One last option is to go to Sainsbury’s or The Little Waitrose on the same street as the museum and buy something to eat in the park. This will be depending on the time it is, as we still have a little time to get to the park.
  1. Bristol in the afternoon

Going up Queens Street, you will pass by an area resident of the city. Elegant blocks of flats, large houses with gardens, churches, this is the Clifton neighborhood.

So, continuing down this street you can get to Birdcage Walk, with a somewhat mugged Cemetery up to Clifton Hill, which is like a high runway with beautiful views of the city.

If you’ve already eaten, you can get a little lost in Clifton Village until you get to Clifton Arch through Boy’s Ave. The alleys of this area have charming cafés and premium product shops.

Congratulations, because you won’t have to go up much further to reach one of the city’s most emblematic spots, Clifton Suspension Bridge. This is a hanging bridge that links the town to Richmond Park, full of deer and its urban area.

And, as the name of the area and the name of the bridge indicates, it is located on top of some rocks that break over the Avon River. To get here from Clifton Arch you will walk down Clifton Road and Bridge Road.

Pass the bridge from side to side and observe the views and the impression. Perhaps that way you will understand the reputation that over the years this bridge has been gaining.

But from here you won’t be able to see the bridge well, so make one last effort and go up the road to the Observatory Hill. Sit on one of the benches, take a walk through this beautiful garden, and now, yes, rest. Welcome to Bristol’s best-known postcard.

Go to the Clifton mall in Bristol in 1 day as you leave the park further north you’ll only have to go down Whiteladies Rd. If you do it in half, you’ll have to go wandering around to get to Clifton Down train station.

From the station, you can take buses 1, 2 or 16 to get to the Cabot Circus mall. Here you can take a break or go shopping. Next to Cabot Circus is Castle Park, where you will find St Peter’s Church. In the vicinity of the park, there is also the St Philip & St Jacob’s Church.

Very close to the shopping center is the Roll for the Soul (2 Quay Street). You can go to dinner there. On the other hand, to tell you that it is widespread in Bristol for a local to have several uses.

For example, in this case, here are some of the city’s hottest veggie burgers but, in addition to premium food and free wifi, it’s an original bike shop. Getting back to the station, you can also make a stop at Temple Church and its Temple Gardens.

  1. Nightlife in Bristol

If you have decided to sleep over to make the most of the day, you should know that Bristol’s nightlife is very active. Its pubs stand out, which are the most visited by university students.

  • Wetherspoons the Berkeley: we’re in front of a pub franchise, but these are great. The offer of drinks and food until late at night is ideal for those nocturnal who want to go to bed early.