12 Reasons Why Smoke and Glaze are Kings of South American Street Food

Residents at the Pipe and Slippers in Stokes Croft, the guys behind Smoke and Glaze have consistently surprised us with their take on South American street food! Soul food fanatics, we couldn’t help but revisit one of our favourite pop-ups and see their progression. Safe to say that they’ve remained true to their roots and set the bar high for soul food contenders. So, if you’re a fan of burgers and po boys, keep on reading… this is where it’s at!

1. This banging Po Boy

Tandoori chicken thigh, achar onions, crispy chickpea, pomegranate chutney & coriander mayo… OMG

2. The Big Cheese

Crispy marinated halloumi, house pickles, pomegranate glaze, sumac mayo, and chimichurri… say what?

3. This mouthwatering burger

Steak? Yaaasss give it to us!

4. A pancake burger did you say?

And we thought we’d seen it all!

5. Halloumi Po Boy

6. The Super Meatball

BRB – off to grab me some meatballs

7. This Prince of Persia Po’ Boy

You had us at stout braised brisket.

8. All hail the Louie Lamb

Succulent and one of the best lamb burgers we’ve tasted in a very long time!

9. Dis hot wing po’ boy

Nothing beats fried chicken but THIS Po’ Boy takes it to a whole new level. Give us some of that pineapple hot sauce!

10. These Soul Fries

The BEST chimichurri dressing we’ve tasted, these babies have got it all! Grab a side of ’em next time you’re having a pint at the Pipe and Slippers.

11. The Big Bird

Cajun spiced buttermilk chicken thigh, roast portobello mushroom, crispy prosciutto, parmesan, and truffle mayo… now that’s what we’re talking! We highly recommend it – it’s juicy, extremely tender, and the prosciutto gives it that extra salty touch.

12. Wings

Sticky, saucy, and hella spicy! Feeling these chicken wings?