The 50 Best Dishes in Bristol You NEED To Try

The 50 Best Dishes in Bristol You NEED To Try

In a city as foodie as Bristol, picking a restaurant is quite the task. Once you’ve finally decided on the restaurant, the next task is picking a dish from an extensive menu – but which one?! Arrrgggh! First world problems, I hear ya – and a nice problem, at that – but it’s a problem all the same. So, we decided to produce a definitive list of the 40 best dishes in Bristol. Covering everything from restaurants, bars and street food, these dishes are everything that we love and the ones that we can personally recommend. *we have tried to only include dishes that are likely to remain available, rather than dishes that will be removed from menus as the seasons/menus change.

8-year-old Galician steak – Bellita

Bibimbap – Tuk Tuk

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Roast Cauliflower and Homewood Halloumi – Flow

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Dirty Dirty Fries – Hobgoblin

Love Bowl – Este Kitchen

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Falafel Pitta – Edna’s

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Fish & Chips – Soul Fish


Fried Aubergine with Molasses – Bravas

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Gangnam Bao – Khao & Bao

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Moo & Blue, Mash, Mushy Peas and Gravy – Pie Minister


Honeycomb Sour-Dough-Nut – Pinkmans

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House Ramen – Sticks & Broth

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Huevos Rancheros – Bakers & Co.

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Jamon Iberico De Bellota 12 – Pata Negra

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Sharabi Jhinga – Nutmeg


 Lamb Keema – Spice Up Your Life


Linguini Salsiccia Carbonara – Pasta Loco


Mixed Meat Wrap – Matina

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Moroccan Lamb Tapas – Spoke & Stringer


Moroccan Scramble – Poco

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Mogul Thali – Thali Cafe

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Ox Cheek Pizza – Flour & Ash

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Pig Mac – Pigsty

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Pistachio Gelato – Swoon

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Pork Gyoza – Eatchu

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Pork Saozi Noodle Hotpot – Chilli Daddy

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Rotisserie Chicken – Steam-Bristol

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Salt Marsh Lamb Pide – Bambalan

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Shakshouka – Souk Kitchen


All the Steaks – The Ox

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Sunday Lunch – The Old Bookshop


The Dirty Classic – Chomp

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The Big Cheese – Oowee Diner

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Three Roasties – Mayflower

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Verde Boy – Bagel Boy

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Wagyu Meat Feast Pizza – Pi Shop

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Fish Taco – Plumed Serpent

Wye Valley Asparagus, Taleggio, Rocket, Ewes Curd – Pi Shop

Wye Valley asparagus, taleggio, rocket, ewes curd 💥#pishopspeciality #onthemenu

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Souvlaki – The Athenian


Margherita – Bertha’s

Grazie Bertha.

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Raw Chopped Filet of Beef, Lime, Chilli, and Sesame – BOX-E


Braised Pork, Hoisin Ketchup, Apple & Peanut Powder Bao – Woky Ko


Grilled Cheese Sandwich – For Mice and Men


Reuben – Pickled Brisket


Organic Stream Farm Chicken, Preserved Lemon & Olive Tagine with Tabbouleh, Cardamon Labneh & Crispy Flat Bread – No1 Harbourside


Thatcher’s Gold Sorbet – Oliver’s Ice Cream


Spiced Lentil salad, Baba Ganoush, Aubergine Fritter & Almonds – The Gallimaufry

Spiced lentil salad, Baba ganoush, aubergine fritter & almonds #vegan #bristolfood

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