The Pass It On Interviews: Adelina Yard

Bringing you interviews that shine light on the wonderful people behind some of the best restaurants in Bristol, the Pass it On Series look at their stories catching glimpses of their unique personalities. We interview them, and we let them pick who we feature next! Kick-starting the series with the guys behind Pasta Loco, they’ve nominated Olivia from Adelina Yard as our next interviewee. So… let’s get cracking!

Pasta Loco nominated you guys for the Pass it On Series interview, how nice of them! Anything you’d like to say to them?

Thanks for getting me involved. They know what I think haha!

It comes with no surprise that you’d be nominated with all the love Bristol has for you guys! What’s it been like since opening?

Bristol has been amazing! The city has given us so much support and we are very thankful. It’s been a lot of hard work but all the positive responses have pushed us on to keep trying to improve.

Tell us a bit about your journey… What was it that started it all?

Jamie and I were chefs in London for 8 years. Once we had our first child we made the decision to move to my hometown and back to Bristol. It took us a while to find the right restaurant… we almost got one but it fell through at the very last minute. So we kept looking ’till we found the premise we’re in now and that’s where it all started!

First reaction when the Sunday Times nominated you as one of the top 100 restaurants in the UK?

Surprise and amazement!

What has been the most standout moment for you guys during your first year?

There have been a couple of stand-out moments! The first was being nominated Top 100 (as mentioned above), and the second was receiving 2 rosettes which we are super proud of! I’d have to say that our first night was also pretty amazing! It took us so long to get there and always feeling like it might not happen… it was a really special evening for us. 

SO – Let’s talk about your dishes. Pretty unique! Where does your inspiration come from?

We take our inspiration from travelling, eating out as much as possible, and trying new things. We also like to see what’s in season and sourcing the best tasting ingredients and hoping to do them all justice.

Why the name Adelina Yard?

The name Adelina Yard comes from the home we were living in when our first child was born. When we moved to Bristol, we wanted to bring something back from London! It was a very special place that meant a lot to us.

Got any exciting exclusives for us?

At the moment, we just want to focus on carrying on with what we do and try to do better every day!

24-hours in Bristol – Where do you go and where do you eat?

Breakfast would have to be on the docks at the Buttery. On a nice day, we would go to Beese’s for a snack by the river and lunch at Pasta Loco because it’s lush. Dinner would either be Wilsons or Bulrush and after dinner drinks at the Milk Thistle 100%!

Favourite team Adelina Yard bar?

The Volunteer Tavern!

As this is a pass it on interview, you get to decide who we interview next! What restaurant or chef would you like us to interview?

I would like to pass this on to Jan at Wilson’s! Will be interesting to hear what he says!